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Dolce Vita perfume is a sugary oriental smell which has a spicy woody base. The bottle never ever has a label on it, but includes a little sticker on the bottom. It's not a scent that Dior pushes but it is a classic that is essential on their brand. I've been fortunate to have always ordered a real bottle, but feel like it often will take time for your scent to settle if many experts have posted. Fragrance is definitely an personal, individual matter that i'm certain it is actually in the chemistry as to which fragrances are right us.

I've always loved this smell. A classic fantastic parfum.The fragrance never grows old also it lasts through out your day, a absolutely excellent purchase. So positive and tends to make me feel happy, would make me smile. I must get it as being a signature parfum.

is strong so you must be cautious with over doing it. I usually get comments about its smell from clients and they're continually favorable! Its really difficult to find in high end retailers, in reality I cant find it so resorted to Amazon. I'm definitely greatful they carry it so I acquired as big a bottle when i can afford!! It shipped faster then they mentioned so I became happy about that, purchased for my Christmas gift to myself!

This my mum's beloved perfume therefore i gifted it as a a Mother's Day gift for her. She was so overwhelmed and thought I would not find this scent any further. She has been making use of it almost daily since. This is an excellent perfume and extremely classic from Christian Dior! Highly recommended!

It come out of the bottle a little overwhelming, but very quickly mellows and leaves a nice fragrance will be able to recognize hrs later.

I recall being regularly complimented wherever I went, and i also realized that Dolce Vita perfume had a fantastic synergy with my skin since a friend that wore it too were built with a very different smell because of this, good, but it made a huge difference. Since the point in fact all of my friends that didn't particularly like , would regarded as it well- matched and magnificient on me. Not one other perfume got this type of result with my skin chemistry, in short, it sometimes really matters how well it functions with your skin. My advice is to try it before choosing this small beauty and if it is well-balanced with your body chemistry you'll get yourself a feminine, charming and tres chic cologne.

I purchased a different bottle of Dolce Vita perfume earlier this year I noticed it not smelled the same....but purchased it anyway. I went to the extent of talking about the situation with a sales representative in a high-end perfumerie. I was consulted to shake the perfume container strongly several times letting it relax in between each shaking. Apparently perfumes separate that will contribute to a perfume's change in smell. Nicely, following engaging in a day's worth of shaking my Dolce Vita perfume bottle several times...BAM !'...the famous well-known perfume That i used to know as Dolce Vita come back. I will be impressed and have begun wearing DV just as before.

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